Our Materials

We refuse to settle for cheap materials, so we sourced numerous manufacturers to provide you with the highest quality metals so that you will always look and feel your best. With the materials we integrated into our jewelry you can have a peace of mind that your investment will last every occasion, every day, and always.

925 Sterling Silver

Rather than settling for cheap materials like stainless steel, all our silver jewelry is constructed from 925 sterling silver. What is 925 sterling silver? 925 sterling silver consists of 92.5% pure silver while the rest consists of other metals (usually copper, zinc, or nickel). This is done in order to create the perfect durability without compromising quality. In addition, our silver is coated in rare, corrosion-resistant rhodium metal for added durability and luster.


Gold-filled jewelry acquires all the same benefits as solid gold but at a reasonable price. It is just as durable as solid gold with low skin sensitivity and will not tarnish overtime. Containing 100x more gold alloy than gold-plated jewelry and obtaining the same properties as solid gold, gold-filled jewelry is the perfect balance of quality and affordability.  

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